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What is
the magic wrap?

An environmental friendly way to renew your fixtures using laminate wraps to resurface most fixtures and walls. Whether you're wanting a new look, or looking to resurface your damaged fixtures, The Magic Wrap will do the job! With its special self-adhesive treatment, they'll work on most surfaces and even irregular surfaces, saving time and cost! 


are LAMINATE wraps

Just like the laminated fixtures you have around you, they have lasted for many years. Same goes for the laminate wraps, they are very similar, just that they have a different application process.

Therefore, with moderate care, they definitely last for years!


Are these stickers
or wallpapers?

NO! They are not!

Laminate Wraps are made of totally different materials. They're just like laminated carpentry around your interior space. From manufacturing to installation, laminate wraps are free of harmful chemicals, minimising the release of VOCs. They're fire retardant and built to withstand above average wear and tear conditions!   


am i able to clean the
laminate wraps?

YES! Definitely! 

Laminate Wraps are resistant to water and moisture contents! They're also fire retardant and anti bacterial!

In the event you need to clean, just go ahead! If there happens to be more stubborn stains, just clean with mild detergent!
Click here
to view resistance test!


What does The Magic Wrap
works on?

The Magic Wraps works on Walls, Ceilings and most built in fixtures such as Kitchen Cabinets, Wardrobes, Tv Consoles and many more!

Feel free to ask us more!


Are your products really environmental friendly?

Yes we are! Please join our journey to help reduce deforestation! Our products have went through industry standard testing and they're all certified! They're free of heavy metal, 100% phthalate free plasticisers, no formaldehyde, anti-bacterial, anti-fungus and eco friendly.


Still have queries? Feel free to talk to us!


How long does the installation usually takes?

Most of the time, it'll take a day or less. Good news! The installation is totally mess-free and dust-free!


Feel free to ask us more!
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