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Sustain the environment, renovate while reducing environmental damage. 
Every little effort from everyone counts!
The Magic Wrap aims to help reduce deforestation for the needs of renovation, lowering the number of trees being used unnecessarily, yet renovating effectively.

Save The Wood!

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It's common that the laminates on your laminated fixtures tend to wear off or peel off over time.


BUT, the wood underneath the laminates

is usually still in very good condition.


Sometimes, using a wood glue to stick it back works. For a long term and durable solution, do consider laminate wraps!

embrace the
green movement

Do you know? Up to 7 Billion trees are cut down each year, and 50% or more of it goes to construction and renovation industries.


It takes up to 10 to 18 trees, or even more, to build a new cabinet or wardrobe.


Plywood usually last easily for 20-30 years or more. If you're looking to change the look of your fixture, there's really not a need to replace. Laminate wraps will do the job!


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