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Product Information

The superheroes of interior decoration! These tough cookies are scratch-resistant, stain-fighting champions, ready to tackle anything life throws at them. Whether it's a spaghetti sauce mishap in the kitchen or an artistic toddler with a marker, Laminate Wraps laugh in the face of messes!

Eco Product Certified

Free from harmful heavy metals ( lead, cadmium mercury, hexavalent chromium, etc. ) No formaldehyde ( HCHO ). Ultra low TVOC. KF Mark safety standard. Meeting the safety requirement for children's product.

Activity &

Excellent antibacterial and anti fungus to maintain the pleasant environment, inhibiting the bacterial formation on the laminate wrap surface. It also repels moisture, preventing the creation of a favorable environment for fungal growth.

Fire Rating
& Safety

Fire resistance certified. High Class A fire and smoke ratings. Meeting the standards to install the product in high risk areas such as airports, elevators, healthcare facilities, hospitality amenities, transport, etc.


These laminates can handle more water than a fish in a rainstorm! Spill your coffee, splash around with your kids, or even drop a bucket of water—these laminate wraps will stay flawless. Perfect for those who want their interior space to be as adventurous as they are!

Atopy Baby
Safety Mark

Qualified building material that does not emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and styrene.

Laminate Wrap Maintenance 

Laminate wraps are a breeze to clean and keep looking fresh. Got a spill? Just grab some dish soap or warm water and a soft cloth, and you'll wipe those stains away like magic!

Laminate Wrap Basic Care

Laminate wraps are like the superheroes of surfaces—they're scratch-resistant, durable, and can take a beating from everyday life without breaking a sweat!

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