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Wardrobes And Cabinets

Thinking of changing your wardrobe? But hate the mess and trouble of removing and building a new one? Little do you know, the architecture of your wardrobe is usually very strong, wear and tear usually only happens to the external laminates. Using laminate wraps to relaminate your wardrobe will simply make it new and trendy again, enhancing the durability of it.



open Wardrobe

In and out of your wardrobe, we'll get it laminated!


Curved Wardrobe / Cabinets

Unique surfaces? Our installers are well versed and trained for almost any surfaces!



Sliding Door Wardrobe

Make better use of your pocket money. Why change the door? Simply relaminating will breath in a brand new feel into your interior space!


Swing Door Wardrobe

Unleash your creativity. One colour is too little for you? Feel free to mix and match to satisfaction!


Bi Fold Wardrobes