Plant Shadow


Our laminate wraps not only changes the design and restyle your door, it also enhances the durability of you doors.



Main Door & DB door

Make your entrance stand out with our super wide range range of laminates! Stay unique among your neighbours!


bomb shelter door
and door frame

Having trouble making your bomb shelter door blend into your interior space? Here's the trick, simply laminate your bomb shelter door and frame, or go for the best by simply laminating the wall around the bomb shelter door as well to make it look as a whole!



Sliding glass door frame

Love the glass, but bored of the frames?

Don't worry we got it covered!


sliding door and
door frame

Limited by the stock colours during your purchase? Thinking of changing the colours and design texture but hate the mess? We'll relaminate your doors with our super wide range of laminates in a few hours without mess!


Main door &
Door frame

Your doors and door frames should always be in harmony! You may even go further by adding in the surrounding walls!


room door and
door frame

Changing of door frame tends to be troublesome, therefore we're here to help! Simply relaminating the door frame, not only changes the design, it also enhances the durability!