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Our confidence to
future proof your interior space.

From production to installation, we optimize every step to ensure the best product delivery. We ensure the optimal quality of the products when we install, therefore optimizing your beloved interior space.


Workmanship Control

We are CRAZY over workmanship. That's why every laminate specialist starts off with our in-house installation training, again and again. Ensuring they meet the required standards before installing for our customers.

Product Quality Guaranteed

Over the years, we've invested in overseas production and local warehouse storage that allows us to maintain consistent fresh production of new laminates. This helps us to ensure the optimal quality of laminates, preventing color fading and peeling of laminates, giving us the confidence to deliver the best product quality to our customers.

Laminate Quality.jpg

Wrapping Technique

Every fixture and carpentry is different, therefore we've mastered our own wrapping technique to ensure that the laminate adhesive is consistent and bonds well with every surface and bends, preventing it from peeling.

Wear but
never tear

Our products are certified to be resistant against bacteria and mold. Moisture and stain resistant. No Formaldehyde or heavy metals. Meeting the standards of the higher grade building materials.

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